What Is SEO And How Does It Function?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the process by which it optimizes a website for search engines. But what does this really mean and why is it so necessary to promote a website? To explain this digital marketing strategy it is necessary to start with how search engines function.

Search engines want to provide the greatest user experience to their users. They, therefore, rank websites according to certain criteria such as relevance, the value that it provides, quality of content, loading speed, mobile optimization and much, much more. Complicated algorithms are employed to crawl and index web pages according to these criteria.

The better the overall user experience, the higher the website ranking will be.

There are also a number of factors that can negatively impact a search engine ranking. Using what is often referred to as “Black Hat” SEO techniques can result in a drop in ranking or a website being banned due to not following search engine protocols and guidelines for optimization.

Search engine optimization takes into account all the criteria for search engine rankings as well as the factors that can negatively affect a ranking and employs a number of different techniques in order to improve the search engine ranking. This is the main goal of SEO marketing.

user experience is extremely important when wanting to get found online

There are however some secondary goals that not only boost rankings but also provide great value to a business. An increased ranking as well as an integrated optimization marketing strategy will increase online visibility. This basically means that a website will become more apparent on the World Wide Web to users searching for related products, services or information contained on the site.

Being more visible will attract more visitors to a site which is another important SEO goal. The more visitors to a site, the more potential there is to create a greater client or customer base. The more customers, the greater the profits for the business.

SEO is also considered to be the most cost-effective digital marketing strategy available. In other words, it provides the greatest return on investment or the greatest value for money. In fact, some SEO techniques can be employed in-house which means that the benefits can be received at no cost at all. This said, for a truly effective SEO campaign it is highly recommended to use the services of an expert and experienced SEO consultant or agency.

It also provides an even playing field for all businesses no matter how small or large. A small business can effectively compete with a large corporation for that coveted #1 ranking spot on a search engine results page by employing the same or similar SEO strategy. This does however also mean that not using SEO will put a website and therefore a business at a distinct disadvantage over its competitors.

It is advisable to use only organic or “White Hat” SEO techniques in order to get the greatest benefit from an SEO campaign whether an agency is providing the necessary service or a business employs their own SEO marketing strategy.